Here at Spine Institute of Marc A. Cohen, M.D., we specialize in minimally invasive laser spine surgery and offer state-of-the-art solutions to treat adult patients with back pain resulting from conditions like spinal stenosis and disc herniation, as well as failed neck and back surgeries and auto- and work-related injuries.

In fact, we’ve helped countless individuals to feel great and return to their active lifestyles after they thought they would never be their old selves again. We’re widely recognized for our long-standing innovation and excellent success record in providing exceptional health care experiences for our patients and their families.

We know that surgery is not “black and white” and that it really requires a unique expertise to understand each patient’s back pain and employ the best techniques to alleviate it. Toward this end, Dr. Cohen, a spine “superspecialist”, provides conventional surgical options along with a range of minimally invasive alternatives, such as micro spine surgery and endoscopic laser spine surgery.

Laser spine surgery, in particular, is a growing advancement that is finding great success in relieving back pain.

Its advantages are numerous and include:

  • Completion in an hour
  • No hospital stay, cutting or scarring
  • Fewer complications
  • Quicker recovery
  • Lower cost

While there are many practitioners who claim to be experts in minimally invasive laser spine surgery, Dr. Cohen is the “real deal”, having performed more than 1,000 laser procedures. Patients of The Spine Institute also benefit from a compassionate, knowledgeable staff that treats them with respect. We are here to ease your concerns and coordinate your care, from your initial consultation through surgery and postoperative visits. In addition, we can assist with insurance matters and prescriptions and answer any questions you may have about your procedure. Our offices are located in Bayonne, Cedar Knolls, Clifton, Edison, Middletown, Morristown and Newark and we work with many reputable freestanding surgical centers for your convenience.

The spine is indeed a complex network of nerves, joints, muscles, tendons and ligaments that is integral to performing everyday activities like walking, sitting and driving. If you’re suffering from back pain that prevents you from living a full life, you are not alone. Upward of 85% of people endure such pain during their lives—and needlessly so. With today’s advanced technologies and our special expertise, we can help provide you with safe, appropriate, individualized, affordable and successful diagnostic and treatment options to restore your spinal health and set you on the path to well being.

The staff of The Spine Institute of Marc A. Cohen, M.D.