When you are looking to address your back or neck pain, paying for it should be the last of your worries. Most health insurance policies will cover spine surgery that is medically necessary. How your policy covers your surgery relies on smooth communication between you and your insurance company. The Spine Institute of Marc A. Cohen, M.D. welcomes all patients to our practice and offers assistance with all insurance matters. Paperwork for finding coverage involves few steps:

  1. A spinal doctor at the Spine Institute recommends your back surgery.
  2. Our billing team will complete the necessary paperwork and then submit it to your insurance carrier.
  3. The carrier submits a pre-approval for the recommended treatment.
  4. You acquire the treatment.
  5. The insurance company pays the bill, though you may need to cover for any deductibles or co-pays.

Our highly trained staff possesses the necessary knowledge and expertise to aid patients in understanding their insurance benefits or obtaining financial help. We are able to verify what your insurance will cover for any service we provide, and recommend other options when coverage is not available. There are several steps you can take to make your coverage work efficiently.

  • Review your policy before you visit the clinic.
  • If you had any lapses in premium coverage, inform your spinal surgeon.
  • Stay mindful of applicable deductibles that you will have to pay.
  • Prepare for co-payments by asking about an estimate of costs before the surgery.
  • Make sure personal information such as name, contact information, and address is up to date in your insurance account and at the Spine Institute.
  • If your policy does not cover your surgery, inquire about helpful government bodies that can assist you.

We are pleased to be in network with many insurance providers. For providers that are out-of-network or operate in a different state, our insurance coordinator can check on your benefits to determine your coverage and how we can best accommodate your medical needs.

The Spine Institute team works to find a solution that allows you the necessary treatment for alleviating your pain. To meet our goals for your treatment, we keep you informed about your financial and physical progress. Call our main office in Morristown for logistics and more information at 973-538-4444 or contact us online.

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