Conditions_PinchedRadiculopathy, also known as pinched nerve, occurs due to sustained damage by the root of the spinal nerves. These nerve root injuries cause pain and numbness in the neck that radiates down the shoulder and into the arm. Several spinal conditions or diseases can start putting pressure on a nerve to “pinch” it. Bone growths from spurs can press down on a nerve to cause pain. Leaking from the internal jelly-like substance inside a herniated disc can also be the cause of a pinched nerve. While bone growths and disc herniations typically come from natural aging, younger patients may experience pinched nerves after a sudden weight gain, such as pregnancy.

Radiculopathy is typically categorized into four different types: lumbar radiculopathy (located at the lower spine), cervical radiculopathy (found in the chest or arm), thoracic radiculopathy (middle section of the spine) and sciatica (one or both legs from the lower back). A pinched nerve is often involved in the case of uncomfortable or irritating neck and back pain. In many cases, a nerve irritated from pressure is able to repair itself after several weeks. If, however, a feeling of numbness or sharp pain persists for too long, permanent injury may occur. A medical professional can diagnose whether your pinched nerve is at risk of turning into something more serious.

Much like any pain condition, several treatments for pinched nerves are available. If the pain is localized and not too intense, a routine method of keeping up healthy habits like dieting, proper sleep, maintaining correct posture, and exercise can be enough to help you treat your radiculopathy. If the symptoms are more intrusive, physical therapy or oral medication may be required. If non-invasive methods of treatment do not help alleviate your pain, a medical specialist may recommend surgery.

Doctor Marc Cohen is a recognized expert in micro-spine surgery, and can relieve nerve roots from pressure without disrupting the surrounding tissues using micro-surgical techniques. This way you can have your pain treated with a higher chance of a faster recovery rate than if you took traditional surgery. Contact us at the Spine Institute today to set an appointment at one of our New Jersey locations.


  • Sharp pain or a pins and needles sensation>
  • Numbness
  • Muscles Weakness


  • Soft neck Collar
  • Physical Therapy
  • Anti-inflammatory medication
  • Medication
  • Steroid Injections
  • Laser Spine Surgery