Do Vertebral Compression Fractures Require Spine Surgery?

If you are facing osteoporosis, that means that your bones are thinning. Osteoporosis may develop in people as they get older, and it can cause vertebral compression fractures. A vertebral compression fracture is basically the term used when one or more bones in your spine begin to weaken, or worse, crumple up. When this occurs, several apparent symptoms show up, and must be addressed by a doctor as soon as they do. Something as innocent as a cough, or as serious as a fall, can be the breaking point for vertebral compression fractures to occur.

Vertebral Compression Fracture Symptoms

The primary symptom of vertebral compression fractures is severe back pain. This may seem like a broad description, but while most back pain can be classified as “dull”, the back pain from vertebral compression fractures can be described as severe. Having the pain become worse if you try to stand up or walk is another symptom. If the pain goes away when lying down, that’s most likely because the fractured spine is under less stress, so the pain isn’t as intense.

Other symptoms to watch out for are lost height, spine deformity, and having trouble twisting or bending your body. If you are experiencing these symptoms of vertebral compression fractures, you must see a doctor right away, as ignoring it will risk making the pain worse.


There is a good chance that the vertebral compression fracture will require surgery. The reason why you would need surgery is to mend the fracture and help realign the spine. The aim of doing so is to ease the pain experienced by the spine, and bring back flexibility to your body. The good news is that in recent years, minimally invasive lumbar fusion has become an effective method of treating vertebral compression fractures. A minimally invasive spine surgery avoids cutting into muscle tissue that is not associated with the pain, and patients that undergo this type of surgery usually have a quicker recovery time.

All of this is achieved while still repairing any fractures or deformities, and easing pain much like a more traditional surgery would. If you are in the New Jersey area and are experiencing vertebral compression fracture symptoms, Dr. Marc Cohen is an expert in the field of minimally invasive spine surgery. Contact us at the Spine Institute right away, and see what we can do to help.