How to Avoid Back Strain from a Shoulder Bag

Carrying around heavy items may be easier with a shoulder bag, but that doesn’t mean this accessory will eliminate the risk of back pain. In fact, the number of people who suffer from back pain as a result of a heavy purse, a shoulder or laptop bag, and even a backpack (worn on either both shoulders or just one), is on the rise.

The first thing you should always consider is whether you really need everything you are carrying. Think about what you really use and leave what you don’t need at home. Reducing the weight of the bag is the most important thing you can do. In addition, you may want to consider switching up which shoulder you carry your bag on throughout the day. Finally, one more trick is to try slinging the bag across your body and wearing it diagonally. This allows the muscles in your trunk to carry more of the load and gives your back and shoulders a bit of a rest.

This video provides several tips on avoiding back strain while using a shoulder bag. It is important to limit the weight of your bag so that it is no greater than two percent of your body weight. A good way to reduce the weight of your bag is to clean out any items that you do not need at the end of each day. Check out this full clip to learn more!

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