Is It Stress Or Back Pain?

Stress is part of life but too much of it can cause serious health problems. Most people relate stress to high blood pressure, stroke and depression. But did you know that stress is also related to back pain? If you’ve been suffering from back pain over the years, it could be related to stress and anxiety.

A number of theories have linked stress and anxiety to back pain. Yes there are a number of emotional factors that cause physical problems like back pain. People should refrain from treating the physical symptoms as imaginary because they are not. Some doctors even claim that many patients who are being treated for back pain are suffering from stress related cases.

When anxious, there’s an increase in muscle tension. Since the back contains muscles that become tense during physical and mental stress, it’s known to contribute to pain on the lower and upper back. No wonder therapists usually advice their clients to go for a massage when they are feeling stressed.

However many studies have also shown stress related back pain has secondary causes. This simply means that there are certain behaviors that a stressed or anxious person will have that lead to back pain. For instance, when you are anxious, your posture is likely to change. You’ll start slouching and maintaining poor posture which further causes your muscles to be in an uncomfortable position and immediately lead to back pain.

Stress can also cause inactivity which further leads to back pain. An individual becomes limited in many day to day functions including leisure activities. Maintaining healthy physical activity is important because it helps keep your back more mobile, strengthen the muscles and prevent aches and pains.

Stress can also make your back pain worse which is why you need to learn how to manage it. So how do you keep stress under control? Some stress may be good but you need to get a medical checkup if you really think your stress is getting out of control. Stress can be caused by financial pressures, work, family problems or even a medical condition.

If taking medicines which have side effects that trigger stressful feelings, it’s important to discuss this with your doctor. Try to engage in physical activities like yoga, swimming and frequent stretches whenever you are feeling stressed or just take a short walk to relax. Eat healthy and avoid drinks like coffee and soda or anything like red wine which makes falling asleep difficult especially when you take it at night. Remember you need that good night sleep to relieve stress.