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553 Prospect Ave

Brooklyn, NY 11215

As a resident living in Brooklyn, NY, your back pain is a condition that should not be taken lightly. Back and spinal strains are some of the top five reasons for work callouts, or doctor visits. Back injuries affect many individuals, but there is no need to be burdened by the frequent pain afflicting everyday tasks. Many invasive surgeries and treatments can provide patients with same-day relief required to live a better quality of life. The Marc A. Cohen Spine Institute Center of Brooklyn, NY yields professional, experienced surgeons and clinicians that can help eliminate any lower back discomfort you may be feeling.

Meet Dr. Marc Cohen

Dr. Cohen has performed over a thousand back surgeries in his healthcare career. His reputation precedes him as one of the leading spine surgery specialists in the state. Graduating from Emory University, Dr. Cohen furthered his education receiving his medical degree from The Chicago Medical School. He became board certified and viewed as a prestigious member of the American College of Spine Surgery and Orthopedics where he would later assist in opening multiple spine surgery centers across the nation.

Our Services

There are various essential surgeries available to provide instant back gratification; these are a few offered at the Brooklyn, NY Institute:

  • Conventional Spine Surgery – Using more traditional spinal tactics where invasive would not be ideal.
  • Micro Spine Surgery – Includes lumbar disc surgery and laminectomy. This type of back relief is very beneficial for patients living in Brooklyn, NY.
  • Laser Spine Surgery – Form of invasive surgery using a laser to remove the soft tissues of the spine and free the nerve of any compression.
  • Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery – Soft tissue instruments that create small incisions in the spinal cord and allow less risk for complications

If you are living in Brooklyn, NY and experiencing excruciating back pain contact (link) the Spine Institute Center of Dr. Cohen (insert number here). Doctor Cohen and his associates will work non stop to pinpoint where your pain is coming from and reduce your suffering.