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701 State rt 440, Suite 33 (inside Hudson Mall)
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Hudson County

If you are one of the approximately one hundred million Americans living with back pain, you may be exploring treatment options. There are many ways to relieve or reduce back pain that do not involve surgery. Yoga, massages, switching to a healthy diet, regular exercise, and over the counter or prescription painkillers are how most people get by; yet, if you have debilitating and chronic pain, you may feel that these options fail to provide relief. Don’t give up hope. At the Spine Institute of Dr. Marc A Cohen in Jersey City, advanced surgical procedures may be what you need to find long-term relief.

The Spine Institute in Jersey City incorporates a patient-centered approach to treatment with revolutionary surgical procedures to provide excellent patient satisfaction. We offer cutting-edge treatments throughout New Jersey to those living with chronic spine complications. When you book an appointment at The Spine Institute, you can rest assured you are getting top of the line care in Jersey City.

About Dr. Marc Cohen

Dr. March A. Cohen is passionate about providing the most updated techniques that incur minimal discomfort to patients and continues to expand his medical knowledge. He is considered among the country’s top spine surgeons, and has performed thousands of procedures in his over 20 years of surgical experience.

Dr. Cohen’s journey began when he received his medical degree from The Chicago Medical School and became licensed to practice in New Jersey. He is board certified in spine surgery and is a respected fellow of the American College of Spine Surgery and the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons. He has helped thousands of patients in Perth Amboy recover from debilitating spine conditions, including disc herniations and degenerative disc disease.

Procedures Offered at The Spine Institute

Patients suffering from chronic spine conditions and pain fly from all over the United States to consult with Dr. Marc Cohen about the best course of action. The surgeries listed below are among the most common procedures sought at The Spine Institute.

  • Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery: Minimally invasive procedures tackle issues in a small, concentrated area. Using a series of tiny incisions, this type of surgery promotes a quick recovery and minimal risk of infection.
  • Micro Spine Surgery: Dr. Marc Cohen specializes in several types of micro surgeries. These are delicate procedures involving problematic cells, tissues, and microscopic structures. Incisions are small; no more than an inch and a half.
  • Conventional or Open Back Surgery: Conventional spine surgery is a delicate procedure that can be more risky to undertake; however, it is sometimes the best way to get to the root of a chronic condition for long term relief.
  • Laser Spine Surgery: Lasers are used to fix spinal nerve damage. Dr. Cohen has performed over a thousand such surgeries.

If you are tired of living with chronic back pain from a debilitating spine condition, you may find relief at The Spine Institute. Book an appointment for chronic back pain relief in Jersey City with Dr. Cohen by calling 973-538-4444.