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New Brunswick Spine Surgeon

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1604 US Highway 130

North Brunswick, NJ 08902

About 50% of all working Americans admit to showing back pain symptoms each year. Back pain is a common yet severe issue that could cause irreversible damage to the spine if left untreated. Our backs are very sensitive and for most individuals the conditions are not caused by serious issues like inflammatory disease, meaning chronic or long-term pain is 100% preventable. The Spine Institute of Dr. Marc A. Cohen located in New Brunswick, NJ is a highly established center that provides numerous spinal procedures to aid in the alleviation of back pain. The clinic treats various cases ranging from the most common to the more rare situations. If you are a constant victim of back pain, looking into the Spine Institute Center may be a beneficial towards your health.

About Dr. Cohen

With over 20 years of healthcare and back surgery experience, Dr. Cohen started his beginnings at Emory University in Georgia. Upon graduation, he later on furthered his education at The Chicago Medical School. He has performed over a thousand surgical procedures and holds a membership within many medical professional administrations, including the American College of Spine Surgery. He is an extremely influential member of the healthcare community and ranks as one of the top leaders in revolutionary spine surgery operations.

Types of Spine Treatment Available

The are several surgeries that be applied to each back or spinal injury case depending on the severity of the situation. Some crucial surgeries provided in New Brunswick, NJ are:

  • Laser Spine Surgery – A less conventional form of surgery that utilizes laser technology to reduce lower back pain
  • Conventional Spine Surgery – a more traditional form of surgery which is seen as the most effective style of treatment
  • Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery – Creating small incisions in the spine meant to ease back while causing less harm and more recovery time.
  • Micro Spine Surgery – Microsurgery is a field of expertise for Dr. Cohen. Patients with spinal canal stenosis or a herniated disc may benefit from this treatment.

If you are experience lower back pain in the New Brunswick, NJ area, book an appointment with Dr. Cohen at The Spine Institute (contact) The Institute is here to help you live a normal lifestyle free of back pain and discomfort.