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When you are one of the millions of Americans who suffer from chronic back pain, you have several options to consider in regards to treatment. If you have tried everything from massage therapy to physical therapy, or even chiropractic, and you are still suffering from debilitating pain, it is time to look at other options. At The Spine Institute of Dr. Marc A. Cohen, spine surgery in Randolph, New Jersey is our focus. We specialize in providing patients with dozens of revolutionary treatments that yield high success rates. These advanced surgical options are performed by none other than Dr. Cohen himself.

Dr. Cohen

After receiving his medical degree from The Chicago School of Medicine, Dr. Cohen has dedicated his life to advancing the field of orthopedic surgery. He strives to be at the top of his profession in both knowledge and experience. For over 20 years he has dedicated his career to spinal surgery, performing over 1,000 laser surgeries alone. As both a physician and scholar, Dr. Cohen strives to stay up-to-date on the latest treatment methods and surgical procedures. When he has mastered these he includes them in his practice as a benefit to his patients.

People travel from all over the country with their back problems to see Dr. Marc Cohen at The Spine Institute. He is a highly respected surgeon in his field, highly regarded among his peers and patients. As a fellow at The American College of Surgeons and The American College of Spine Surgery he contributes to research and the expansion of knowledge in orthopedic surgery. When all other methods fail, Dr. Cohen is trusted to utilize his expertise for good.

About our Surgeries

To gain the expertise and precision Dr. Cohen is known for, he has traveled and studied abroad to fine-tune his skills among the masters who developed these procedures. Below is a general overview of our specialties, which have helped thousands of patients return to their normal lives.

Minimally invasive spine surgery: Minimally invasive surgeries are the preferred method of treatment as they allow surgeons to access the root of the problem without making large incisions leading to quick recovery.

Micro spine surgery: Microsurgeries are used to remove small pieces of bone that lay on the nerve root, which causes back and leg pain. Incisions are smaller than 1.5 inches.

Laser spine surgery: Laser spine surgery is a type of minimally invasive procedure that avoids damaging sensitive tissues that surround the spine. Dr. Cohen has performed over 1,000 such surgeries in his lifetime.

Conventional back surgery: Traditional spine surgery remains an alternative when minimally invasive procedures are ineffective. During open back surgery, an incision is made along the spine that is 5-6 inches in length. Obstructive muscles are pulled to the side for access to the spine. This provides the best view and reach to the affected area.

At the Spine Institute, we proudly serve those who have not given up on finding a cure for their pain. Why continue suffering? It’s time to make a change.