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111 Northfield Avenue

West Orange, NJ 07052

Currently, at least 31 million Americans experience back pain at a particular point in time. If you are living in West Orange, NJ you could be one the many. Next,to upper respiratory infections, back injuries come in second as one of the leading impairments that cause individuals to either miss work or interfere with their daily functioning. At the Spine Institute of West Orange, NJ. Dr. Marc A. Cohen and his colleagues perform hundreds of surgeries to provide patients with a more ideal and less bothersome form of living.

Dr. Marc Cohen’s Background

Dr. Cohen carries the title as the number one spinal specialists in the state with over a thousand successful surgeries under his belt, He attended Emory University, and pursued a medical degree from The Chicago Medical School. Dr. Cohen is a board certified physician, and a highly viewed member of the American College of Orthopaedic Surgeons and Spine Surgery. He is an advocate of West Orange hospital and various spine surgery centers across the states of New Jersey and New York.

Services Offered & Surgeries Performed

When it comes to back pain, an operation is not a one size fits all ordeal. Each injury is unique, and there is a variety of accomodating treatments for each circumstance. The services offered in West Orange, NJ include:

  • Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery – Advanced surgical techniques that create minor incisions in the lower spine to overcome traditional methods posing less severe risks.
  • Micro Spine Surgery – Dr. Cohen is very skilled in microsurgeries. The vertebral tissue is removed to relieve herniations and nerve compression.
  • Laser Spine Surgery – A variation of invasive that utilizes laser surgery and mainly used for chronic neck and back pain
  • Conventional Spine Surgery – a highly effective treatment in back pain when used as a last alternative.

Do you live in the West Orange, Nj area and suffer from acute or chronic back pain? (Link) Contact the Spine Institute Center of Dr. Marc A. Cohen (insert number) and book an appointment today