Pilates Movements to Avoid with Back Problems

Pilates can make for great exercise when you want to get back into shape. In fact, certain Pilates routines can help improve your back pain. Physical therapists sometimes recommend this type of fitness to help with spinal issues like scoliosis. Pilates is so commonly mentioned because the central philosophy is to strengthen your internal muscles, building a type of internal brace that helps support your body. Unfortunately, more cases of spinal damage such as slipped discs are occurring due to certain Pilates movements. Instruction is typically to blame. As classes become larger, coaches find providing individual attention to each student trickier. Much like any exercise, when an instructor teaches Pilates incorrectly, it can lead to more harm than good. What Pilates movements should you watch out for to avoid back problems?

Spine Twists

If you are a back patient, you should avoid Pilates movements that involve extreme spine twisting. Motions like these apply stress on your spinal column’s intervertebral discs, which is what can lead to the previously mentioned slipped disc or herniated disc.

Painful Motions

While most exercise does, in some way, involve some strain, it should never be painful. If you do experience any sharp, stinging pain during a Pilates movement, you should stop right away and let your instructor know. Sometimes an exercise may be too difficult, and you could need a helping hand to perform the movement.

Look Out for Exhaustion

Stay aware of your energy levels during your workout. If you become too tired, you may start losing your proper form due to a lack of focus. No matter how much a kind of exercise is supposed to help you, it can not do much if not performed correctly.

If you are experiencing sharp, stinging back pain that makes it difficult to do any exercise, you may have an issue with your spine that needs to be addressed by a medical professional. The Spine Institute in New Jersey can help determine what the cause of your back pain is and talk you through your best options. Contact us today at one of our many locations to schedule an appointment.