A variety of spinal conditions can cause back pain, from disc disease to bone spurs. When a patient suffers from an acute or chronic spinal disorder, the pain can severely limit physical capabilities and halt daily tasks. The Spine Institute of Marc A. Cohen, M.D. provides state-of-the-art treatment for a wide range of conditions affecting the spine, restoring back health and enabling patients to lead full lives.

We offer treatments in the following:

Laser Spine Surgery

For a successful alternative to traditional open back surgery, laser spine surgery can provide quick, welcome relief to those experiencing intense pain. A specialized laser can fix the damage by removing bone or disc material without injuring the surrounding muscles. The spine surgeon performs laser surgery in conjunction with endoscopy, which is a procedure where a tiny optic-camera is used to view the operating area. Laser spine surgery does not require the screws or implants of other surgeries and allows a clear view of the nerves causing pain.

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Minimally Invasive Surgery

Minimally invasive spine surgery is a recent technique that best serves patients with spinal conditions like herniated discs, disc disease, and deformities like scoliosis. With advances in medical technology, it is likely that the surgery will apply to more conditions. The minimalist nature of this procedure offers advantages like being able to walk out of the clinic the same day of the surgery, surgery with minimal anesthesia, and low degrees of scarring with significantly reduced chances of muscle damage.

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Micro Spine Surgery

Certain conditions like spinal canal stenosis may require miniature precision scalpels and tools for treatment. Similar to minimally invasive spine surgery, micro spine surgery involves only a small incision so the surgeon can operate on cells that are invisible to the human eye. Like standard spine surgery, micro spine surgery can be broken down into different categories like cervical microdiscectomy, lumbar disc microsurgery, and laminectomy.

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Conventional Spine Surgery

If alternative procedures do not apply to a patient’s back pain, a surgeon may recommend a conventional procedure. A conventional spine surgery requires large amounts of time for preparation, recovery, and the procedure itself. Conventional spine surgery is often viewed as the final option when conservative therapies do not work. The benefits of this procedure may help decide whether it is the best option. After an open back surgery, patients find that they can move better, are more physically fit, and are able to return to their jobs.

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