Top Three Foods to Fight Back Inflammation

Diet makes up more than half the battle when it comes to staying healthy. With a well-balanced diet, we can avoid obesity, fatigue, and joint pain, while promoting better mood and having energy to exercise. Inflammation is an important tool in our body – it is the immune system’s primary tool for healing. But, when it becomes too active, it can cause pain. Back inflammation may be caused by damaged nerves or worn down joints in our spine. While these symptoms may need surgery for total pain relief, you can at least add the following three foods to your diet to help fight back inflammation:

Whole Grains

Whole grains include foods like rice, cereal, white bread, and pasta. These foods are full of fiber, which can help reduce inflammation rates. The fact that many of these foods come with lower levels of sugar acts as a bonus. Be sure to check the nutrition labels to compare what nutrients different products provide.

Dark Green Foods

You should always eat your vegetables, but when you want to help alleviate the pain from back inflammation, there is a particular group of veggies you should eat even more. Dark green foods like spinach, broccoli, and kale provide high levels of vitamin E. Some believe this substance plays a significant role in regulating the cells that cause inflammation. These same foods also come with higher levels of iron and calcium, which can help strengthen your muscles, bones, and heart.

Turmeric and Ginger

Most cooks usually use ginger as a type of spice within Asian cooking. It is not popular just because it tastes good. Ginger provides powerful inflammation fighting properties. Turmeric, on the other hand, is the spice that brings out curry’s trademark yellow color. Turmeric regulates the immune system by helping the body switch on a protein which triggers inflammation. When taken at the same time in relatively equal amounts, ginger then reduces the inflammation and helps regulate it. To put it another way, you help control the burn by starting your own.

If you make several lifestyle changes to control your back pain, but still feel as if it’s too intense after six weeks, you may need a qualified diagnosis. An issue with your spine may be the root of the problem. If you are in New Jersey, call the Spine Institute at one of our many locations to schedule an appointment with our medical experts.