What You Should Know About Adolescent Scoliosis Surgery

When you first hear that your child has scoliosis, it may come as surprise. Although adolescent scoliosis is the most common form of spinal deformity that doctors discover, it is usually not obvious or able to be found until the child hits puberty. This is because puberty is when the scoliosis becomes much more defined compared to the younger years when your child is still developing.

Adolescent scoliosis normally does not automatically mean the child has other issues, it simply means their spine curves at an S-like curve, when it should be straight. Still, it is something that should be addressed as soon as it is discovered. Below are some of the things you should know when considering adolescent scoliosis surgery.

Sometimes it is Not Necessary

Most doctors, when faced with adolescent scoliosis, will not move directly towards surgery, but to bracing. Bracing is where the child will wear a brace as they grow, that will help prevent the spine to curve any more than it already has. This is a typical course of action for milder cases and will help prevent any unnecessary risks from being taken, although the brace has to be worn every day. When the growth period for the patient is nearing the end, the doctor will analyze how the brace has performed, and how the spine’s growth has developed.

There Are Several Types of Surgery

If adolescent scoliosis surgery is necessary, it’s important to know which type of surgery is the best fit for the patient. Although there are many techniques used to correct scoliosis, the main surgical methods are stabilization, correction, and curve fusion. During surgery, there will most likely be implants put into the spine that will help keep the spine aligned after. The size and cost of these implants will depend on the size and shape of the patient receiving the scoliosis surgery.

Questions to Ask Yourself

Some questions to consider before surgery are: What techniques would be the most beneficial for your child? How flexible will the spine be after surgery? What will the recovery period will be? Most surgeries of this type may take several weeks, or months, to fully recover from. Take care to schedule the surgery at an appropriate time for your child. The summer season may be the best, as that’s when there will usually be the least amount of pressure for school work.

If you are trying to decide whether adolescent scoliosis surgery is the best fit for your child, or are looking to see what the best options for your child are in the New Jersey area, contact the Spine Institute today and make an appointment.