When Pain Treatments or Medication for Your Back no Longer Work, How Should You Proceed?

You’ve lived with back pain for a while now. You’ve been on a number of different pain medications of increasing strength. They worked for a while, but eventually they all stopped. Maybe you’ve built up a tolerance, or maybe there’s a deeper problem at work. Either way, the pain is unbearable, and you need to do something about it. So when pain treatments/medication for your back no longer work, how should you proceed? You have several options.

Physical Therapy
There are a few kinds of physical therapy that help alleviate and ultimately eliminate chronic back pain. They include stretches and other exercises, as well as machines or traction. In addition to going to a physical therapist a couple of times a week, there are usually exercises you can perform at home on your own to aid in recovery.

You also learn how to correct bad posture habits and start exercising regularly. Without these things, physical therapy won’t ultimately help anything. The goal is to get to the point where therapy is no longer necessary.

Spine Manipulation
A chiropractor can use special tools or even just their hands to help get the spine back into the position it needs to be, and reduce pain. It’s more common for acute (i.e. temporary) back pain than for chronic pain, but it can be used in either case, depending on the situation. Just like with physical therapy, though, there are certain health and lifestyle changes that go along with it, in order to keep your back healthy and pain-free for good.

If other treatments for your back aren’t working, you may need to have surgery. Traditionally, spinal surgery has a reputation for being complicated and painful, with a long recovery time. But that’s not necessarily the case anymore. There are minimally invasive outpatient spinal surgeries that are quick and safe. They don’t require screws, plates, or rods in your back, and can even be performed with only local anesthesia.

With micro spine surgery, the problematic cells and tissues are operated on directly, without cutting into the muscles and ligaments, or fusing or removing any bone. Laser spine surgery, on the other hand, is designed to remove damaged discs and bone without harming any of the surrounding tissue. It employs a tiny camera to view the surgical area and is used for things such as herniated discs.

Unfortunately, these outpatient surgeries aren’t applicable to every type of spinal issue, and traditional spinal surgery is still necessary in some cases. Ask your doctor whether a minimally invasive surgical method might help in your case.

That is, in fact, an essential component in each of these treatments. If you’re experiencing chronic back pain and pain treatments and medications for your back no longer work, talk to your doctor and/or chiropractor and try to get to the bottom of what’s going on. If left unchecked, it can develop into something more serious. But it could be something with an easy fix. In the end, there’s no reason why you need to keep living with chronic back pain.