When Should You Postpone Surgery?

Depending on the instance, surgery can be the only option for relieving chronic pain. You have met with your doctor and scheduled a date for you to undergo the procedure. There is no turning back, right? Wrong. You have the freedom to postpone your surgery as a result of a few varying factors. There are some cases where surgery must happen as soon as possible in order to avoid permanent damage, but if that’s not relevant for your surgery, you can delay the process. Here are a few valid reasons for postponing surgery.

Sudden Health Change

A sudden change in health is one of the occurrences that you cannot plan for. A sudden illness can drastically change the outcome of your surgery which is why your surgery will be cancelled if you show up sick on the scheduled day. A few signs that you need to postpone your surgery due to health conditions include:

  • High temperature
  • Recent Diarrhea
  • Coughing up brown or green saliva
  • Chest infection
  • Flu symptoms
  • Sore throat

If your surgery date is nearing and you are experiencing any of the aforementioned symptoms, it is required that you postpone your surgery. Do not try and wait it out. The longer you wait, the more you put yourself at a disadvantage for getting everything in place for a rescheduled surgery.

Process Seems Rushed

Your surgeon may not be putting your mind at ease as he or she should. Instead, it seems as if he or she is rushing the process and cares very little for your well-being. In this instance, you should cancel your scheduled surgery and seek an alternative surgeon.

Even if you do feel comfortable with your surgeon, you should always seek a second opinion. Any qualified doctor knows the importance of a second opinion and will not take it personal if you request time to consult with another medical professional.

You Have Unanswered Questions

The last thing you want going into a surgery is unanswered questions. Be sure to write down and ask your doctor whatever questions that may come to mind regarding your surgery. These questions may include:

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