3 Hobbies That May Harm Your Spine

It’s important to have one or two hobbies outside of work to stay active and engaged in your passions. A hobby opens the door to trying new activities, making new friends, and exploring your creative side. Unfortunately, some hobbies can lead to mild back pain and may harm your spine when ignored. If you practice any of these popular hobbies and are finding it more difficult to achieve motions that were once natural – such as sitting down or moving your neck – they may be contributing to the discomfort.


Golf lets people enjoy a day out in the sun, does not require much physical activity outside of the initial swing, and is often an opportunity to absorb beautiful scenery – even if the golf course is in the middle a big city! While most of golf’s infamous stress is mental, the one prominent physical motion required from the sport, swinging, can strain the back, elbows, and shoulders. As one repetitive motion, too much swinging can lead to osteoarthritis, which is a back pain condition that some golfers may start experiencing without proper rest and stretching exercises.


Gardening is both a creative and practical hobby. You can plan out the arrangement of colorful flowers and bushes around your property, making your home beautiful and a little more eco-friendly! It is no secret, however, that this same activity means a lot of bending, stooping, and leaning at uncomfortable angles to get the bellflowers looking just right. This doesn’t mean gardening should be avoided – tools like back supports can help reduce the strain on your back as you get your hands in the dirt.

Video Games

Not all back-breaking hobbies take place outside. While video games may be the most sedentary hobby yet, that does not mean your spine is safe from harm. When playing a game, it is easy for many people to get lost in the moment and start slouching on the couch for long periods of time. This constant slouching is just one of many poor posture habits that can develop from sitting in one place for too long which can strain the neck, back, and even your hands. You don’t have to give up your games, but it is important to take a stretching break every half hour or so.

Hobbies alone are often not the sole cause of your lower back pain. Wear and tear, physical attributes, and even genetics can all contribute to a damaged spine. If your discomfort is starting to interfere with your hobbies and work, you can find back pain relief in New Jersey at the Spine Institute. A New Jersey spine surgeon can help determine the cause and plan a treatment for your back pain, schedule an appointment with us today.