3 New Jersey Activities that Help With Back Pain

With the spring season comes a new array of fun things to do around New Jersey. If you are experiencing lower back pain, you may be looking to avoid anything that might put unnecessary stress on your spine. We have some recommendations for what you can do in New Jersey that can help strengthen your spine and alleviate back pain.

Go to The Beach

A little bit of exercise is often recommended for people who feel back pain; the workout does not have to be strenuous. Something as simple as walking along the shoreline of Pleasant Beach or going for a swim can help strengthen your spine and the surrounding muscles. If you prefer to relax, there is always sunbathing. Make sure you lay flat on your back!

Visit the Columbus Farmers Market

Your diet can play a large factor in alleviating pain. While there are many health fads out there, the old strategy of eating fruits and vegetables may help prevent conditions that often lead to back pain. At the Columbus Farmers Market, you can buy fresh, locally grown foods bursting with nutrients. The nearby flea market is an excellent spot to buy gifts for friends and family.

Bike at Liberty State Park

If you are looking to be a little more active and take up biking, the Liberty State Park is a mixture of waterfront views and luscious greenery. From the trail you can look at various landmarks like the Statue of Liberty while having a midday picnic break on the grass. If you start biking, make sure you ride on a bicycle built to fit your body. People often feel back pain after riding because they buy a bike that is either too large or small for them.

New Jersey is a city bustling with activities. If you feel as if your lower back pain is preventing you from enjoying the city life, contact us at the Spine Institute to set up an appointment. We can help diagnose the cause of your back pain and recommend the best treatment available for you.