3 Things You Should Know as a Dad With Chronic Back Pain

If you’re a father to young children and you’re experiencing chronic back pain, you’re probably concerned about how these symptoms may impact your relationship with your kids. Limited mobility can affect the types of activities you’re able to do with your tots. These are the three things you should keep in mind if you’re a dad who is struggling with back pain.

Practice Relaxation Techniques

You might find relief from both physical pain and emotional stress with relaxation exercises, such as stretching and breathing. These activities can reduce the impact of chronic pain on your mental health as well as improve circulation and decrease your heart rate, both of which can also be negatively affected by stress. Try out and continuously practice these easy stretches to soothe morning back pain.

Everyone can benefit from relaxation, so get your kids involved when you find a practice that works for you. Go to a community yoga class together or spend time as a family listening to relaxing music.

Nurture Emotional Connections

What matters to your kids isn’t the physical activities you can do, it’s the emotional presence and support you provide. Spend time as a family doing things you all enjoy, whether that means watching a movie, playing video games, or working on projects together.

Act as a role model for healthy relationships and offer your children an open line of communication. These steps will foster closer relationships with your kids and allow you to let go of the guilt you may feel about struggling with chronic pain as a parent. You should also talk openly with your children about the back pain you’re experiencing and allow them to ask questions and express concerns.

Explore Innovative Treatments

If your back pain is uncontrolled, it’s worth a visit to your doctor to determine whether you could take additional steps to relieve your discomfort and increase mobility. These can include conservative measures such as hot and cold therapy, complementary therapies such as acupuncture, and exercise and physical therapy. Here are a few more possible treatments to help ease your back pain.

Everyone’s spine condition is different, so seeing a specialist and being open to new approaches can help you better cope with the effects of this chronic condition, thus improving your overall quality of life.

If you are struggling with chronic back pain, know you are not alone. Consider different treatments, do some stretches, and most importantly, keep an open line of communication with your family by letting them know what’s going on. After this, if you are still having chronic back pain, reach out to the Marc Cohen Spine Institute. Come in for an evaluation so our spine experts can identify the cause of your pain and offer the best treatment method. Contact us to schedule your appointment today.