3 Things Your Boss Should Know About Your Back Pain

Feeling symptoms of lower back pain that are not visibly apparent can be extremely frustrating at work. Many employees do not want to feel like they are making excuses as to why they may be behind on a certain task or are having trouble focusing, but this same habit can mean worse back pain. No two employers are the same, but to minimize your frustrations with back pain and your job, you can share these three things that your boss needs to know about your condition.

You May Need Work Accommodations

The effects of sitting in the office five days a week have been extensively researched. There is little room for doubt that keeping still behind a desk for long periods can have consequences for your lower back pain that are both immediate and distant. Speak with your boss about what alternative equipment you may need to help you manage back pain at work. Seat accommodations are especially important. Some of the more common ergonomic items that employees with back pain ask for include:

  • Balancing Stools
  • Stand-up Desks
  • Exercise Balls
  • Kneeling Chairs

Lower Back Pain can Interrupt a Sleeping Schedule

Yawning in the office does not necessarily mean you were out on the town the night before. For many people, chronic lower back pain makes falling and staying asleep difficult. Sleep is an important aspect of recovery, so this particular point can be especially frustrating for employees who start feeling worse due to less sleep, which makes it more difficult to concentrate on the job.

Lower Back Pain can be a Roller Coaster

If you suffer from lower back pain, you will likely have days where you feel exuberant and complete all your work before the clock strikes five. Some co-workers and employers may misinterpret this as a full recovery, only to get frustrated the next day when you can barely move. The discomfort of your lower back pain can come in episodes, which is why open communication can lead to understanding and facilitation, allowing you to succeed.

We cannot will away back pain for eight hours every day; however, with the right treatment, we can identify the root of the pain and work on a plan that can reduce or eliminate the pain. Talk to a spine specialists to determine the best course of action. Dr. Marc Cohen at The Spine Institute has helped patients with back pain for the past 20 years. Call 973-538-4444 or contact the office online to schedule an appointment.