3 Tips for Alleviating Back Pain During Pregnancy

The back pain experienced during pregnancy can be the worst you have ever felt. Your stomach continues to swell as your due date nears, intensifying your back pain. Your body continues to grow as well as you supply the necessary nutrients for your coming child. The added weight can make it almost impossible to get through a day without experiencing any back pain whatsoever. This process can be extremely painful, especially on your back. We understand the pain you may be experiencing and have highlighted 3 key tips for alleviating back pain during your pregnancy.

Prenatal Yoga

Yoga in general has long been a preferred method amongst women for its flexibility and strength benefits. The ancient practice was originated in India and has helped people across the world improve psychological and physical conditions. Prenatal yoga, in particular, has the ability to alleviate back, muscle, joint, and nerve pain through slow, focused movements. You can also expect to improve your posture which will be of great help during the birthing process.


Swimming continues to be the top recommendation for women experiencing back pain during their pregnancy. This is so because the weightlessness of being in the water relieves pressure from the spine, allowing you to enjoy this relaxing activity while getting a decent workout. By simply paddling around the pool, you will tone your back, legs, arms, and core. The freedom that you feel in the water allows your muscles and your mind to relax as you take deep breaths, transforming this muscle strengthening exercise into a therapeutic session.

Sleep Support

Sleep can be hard to come by during your pregnancy. It may be hard finding a comfortable position with back pain, especially if you sleep on your side. Try taking a thick pillow and folding it lengthwise. Place this towel in the location where your spine “bends” when you are lying on your side. This will provide you with the support necessary to alleviate your back pain, improve posture, and along with a much needed full night’s rest.

These tips are meant to help alleviate your back pain during your pregnancy, but there is a possibility that your back pain is more severe than you originally imagined. If the back pain experienced during your pregnancy leads to a bulging or herniated disk post-delivery, we urge that you contact the Spine Institute to book an appointment with Marc Cohen. He specializes in minimally invasive surgery and can meet you at any of the various office locations across New Jersey. Find a location near you and schedule an appointment today.