3 Unexpected Ways Back Pain Can Affect Your Life

Living with back pain can be one of the most upsetting ordeals. Activities that you have performed with such ease in the past have become some of the hardest to do. Everything you do from lying down to taking out the trash has been hindered due to your chronic pain. While it is expected that your back pain decreases your quality of living, there are a few limitations associated specifically with back pain that you may not realize until you experience it first hand. We have taken the time to outline three unexpected ways back pain can negatively affect your life.

Driving Discomfort

You may not realize it, but every aspect of using your car requires some sort of stability or contortion of your back. When you bend down to get into your vehicle, your lower back aches with pain. You go to put on your seatbelt and it feels as if someone is stabbing you in your back. You have gotten into the car and put on your seat belt; the pain should be over right? Wrong. Staying in that upright position for extended periods of time can lead to back stiffness, intensifying the pain experienced when you try to make the slightest movements.

Self-Bathing Limitations

Taking a shower is supposed to be a relaxing activity. Not when you are suffering from chronic back pain. You are no longer able to bend down and wash your feet or twist your body enough to wash your back. In many cases, you find yourself simply squeezing the rag over your body in an attempt to clean your body while inflicting the least amount of pain. The excruciating pain may lead you to find a caretaker that can help you perform such daily tasks or avoid taking showers all together.

Interacting with Children

Interacting with children may not seem like a major limitation but it can be one of the most emotionally harrowing things to deal with. Limited mobility from chronic back pain makes it difficult to perform basic daily tasks, but it is easy to forget that basic interaction with small children is another unexpected side effect. Children tend to be very active and require a lot of attention. Simply holding your child or grandchild leaves you grieving in pain. You no longer have the ability to chase them around the room or sit down and play with toys without being constantly reminded of your back pain.

Your chronic back pain has negatively affected your life long enough and it is time that you get it addressed. The spine experts at the Spine Institute can help you. We specialize in minimally invasive spine surgery that is designed to alleviate your chronic back pain in the most efficient way possible. Visit one of our various New Jersey locations today to schedule your appointment.