5 Tips for Gardening with a Bad Back

Many people believe that one they receive a diagnosis regarding back issues they need to give up on certain hobbies like gardening; however, just because you have to be more mindful of what you do and how it will impact your back doesn’t mean you have to let your green thumb wither away. As long as you follow some back-friendly tips and tricks, you can continue enjoying having your own garden while even working to reduce the pain.

5 Back Friendly Gardening Tips and Tricks

Think high, think small. Bending down and lifting can be some of the worst actions for someone with back issues. Instead of relying on traditional ground level methods, consider using window sills or elevated planters. That way you can avoid strenuous movements that could stain your back.

Create a plan for your next project. Whenever you decide to set out on your next gardening adventure, plan it out in little chunks with frequent breaks. Gardening should help you relax and not be a race to the finish. Being outdoors and getting some fresh air is a good way of relieving stress which can often lead to more back pain.

Reinvent the wheel. Many items can be repurposed for uses other than their intended use. A good example would be using a rolling golf bag or backpack to move around your gardening tools. Transporting your tools like luggage will prevent you from straining your back to pick them up one by one.

Learn proper lifting techniques. If you must move supplies from your vehicle or relocate potted plants, you should do so in a safe way to reduce the risk of injury. When lifting, make sure to keep your back straight while using the much stronger muscles in your legs to do all the hard work.If something is low to the ground, always bend at the knee while pivoting your hips and keeping your back straight.

Don’t forget to rest. Make sure to have a chair or bench nearby whenever you are working. If you start feeling fatigued, it’s important to take a break. A good way to avoid back issues is to change positions frequently. Limit yourself to no more than 15 minutes of continuous work when recovering from a recent injury or procedure. If, after the first few days you feel fine, you can consider moving up to half an hour of continuous work.

As all people who live with back pain know as it seeps into every aspect of your life and keeps you from doing the things you need to do, and the things you love doing. If your pain persists, contact the Spine Institute. Our spine specialists in New Jersey will investigate the root of your pain and come up with a plan to tackle it. Call 973-538-4444 or contact us online to set an appointment.