7 Tips for a Strong and Healthy Spine

It’s never too early to start taking good care of your spine. Research studies have shown that 80% of people experience spinal problems in their lifetime. An unhealthy spine not only sentences you to a life of pain, but may also undermine your independence and quality of life in the years to come. Taking care of your spine should be a commitment you make from now henceforth. Below are some tips to get you started:-

Maintain good posture

You’ll need to stop slouching and stooping because it places stress on the spine. To get the best posture, align your ears with your shoulders and then pull back your shoulder blades. This posture gives you a tall appearance and also increases your energy levels.


Stretching and a range of motion exercises can strengthen your spine and back. Do the side-to-side and ear-to-shoulder stretches to strengthen your cervical spine. Performing some yoga poses can strengthen the spinal muscles.

Watch your diet

Fresh fruits, vegetables and healthy fats can boost the health of muscles which support your spine. Supplements like Omega 3 and Vitamin B complex have also been proven to have a huge impact on overall spine health.

Sleeping patterns and positions

Lack of sleep can cause neck and back problems so it’s important to get adequate amount of sleep every day. In addition to that, sleep in an ideal position that doesn’t exert pressure on the spine and enables it to relax. Sleep on your side to avoid putting pressure on your spine and get a suitable mattress and pillow.

Hydrate your body

When your body stays hydrated, the soft tissues in the joints maintain their elasticity and fluidity. This protects the spinal discs and prevents bulging and ruptures. So keep your body hydrated to boost the spine’s structural health.

Keep active

You’ve got to stay active if you want to maintain a healthy spine. Exercise regularly, walk every day and take part in aerobic activity if you can. If you are overweight, work on losing the extra pounds because fat puts extra pressure on the muscles, ligaments and tendons located on your lower back. Exercises that focus on your back and neck will help you become stronger.

Pay attention to your spinal health

If you’ve been feeling back and neck problems, it’s good to have it checked because it may indicate a more serious issue. Don’t strain your body working out or self-medicate for a certain condition.