4 Back Surgery Recovery Tips

Like any surgery, back surgery requires some recovery time. Fortunately, there are several minimally-invasive technologies available that reduce recovery time. No matter how small or significant the operation, it’s crucial to consider surgery recovery. Here are four back surgery recovery tips.

Plan Ahead

Patients should plan for after-surgery care including setting up a ride home, acquiring extra assistance, and finding out how to get meals. If there are dependents or pets to care of, it is especially important to make plans well in advance to care for them to avoid an unnecessary burden. Even if able to carry out basic functions after the operation, it can be helpful to have someone there who can help out with specific tasks.

Recovery Time

For those anticipating a particularly long recovery time, it is best not to wait until after the surgery to pursue everyday life tasks such as haircuts, dentist appointments, and similar errands. It may be a while before it’s comfortable to take on extra responsibilities, especially those that require sitting in a potentially uncomfortable chair in the weeks following the surgery. Avoid unnecessary struggles by stocking up on groceries and making sure everything at home is easily accessible post-surgery.

Practical Needs

While practical needs might be at the top of your mind, your emotional well-being is essential as well. Reaching out for support and encouragement before and after surgery is key toward keeping a positive outlook on life. This can include online forums, especially groups with other people undergoing surgery around the same time. It can even be family and friends who offer their support wherever needed.

Post-op Instructions

Post-op instructions can be overwhelming and detailed. It’s likely that they’ll include specifics regarding care for the incision site, limitations on activity, a listing of prescribed medications, and a dosage schedule. Find out ahead of time what to expect after surgery to prepare yourself to have everything in place for when you return home. The doctor might also issue a temporary handicap parking sticker. Keep pertinent contact information handy in case questions or concerns arise.

While anticipating surgery recovery can be intimidating, there are plenty of things to make it less problematic. It’s important to plan so that things are as hassle-free as possible. At Marc Cohen Spine Institute, we provide conventional surgical options along with a range of minimally invasive alternatives.