Best Shoes For Back Pain Sufferers

Several types of footwear like high heels, flip-flops, and sandals may cause back pain. Your feet are your foundation, and how they transfer shock from simple motions can affect your spine. The reason flip-flops can cause back pain is because they don’t provide the right amount of support or height as most sneakers. The cushioning reduces the energy that transfers from your heel to the top of your body. Luckily, you have many options for finding good shoes that may help reduce your back pain.

Running Shoes

If your lower back pain is mild, running shoes may help. These shoes are generally designed for runners who often carry out sharp movements. The cushioning within the shoes often help feet with higher than average arches. The arch is the curved area under your foot.

Minimalist Shoes

Minimalist shoes were originally designed for specialized runners. They look like a layer of rubber stretched over a foot. Minimalist shoes are designed to help someone walk with the front or middle of their foot first. People most often walk with their heel hitting the floor. The change alters the way your legs and spine interact with the ground. The alteration can benefit some people with back pain issues.

Prescription Shoes

Prescription shoes are often used for pain localized only at the feet. They can also be a viable option for back pain. A doctor who specializes in muscle or bone deformity – known as an orthopedic – can provide prescription shoes. The material that makes up most prescription shoes can realign unnatural body motions.

Shoes With Special Insoles

Almost every shoe has an insole – the cushioning that provides support under your feet. If you do not want to see an orthopedist for prescribed shoes, you can research insoles at your local store. This option allows you to wear some of your favorite shoes with less back pain. Before you make any purchase, it is always best to seek the advice of a medical expert. Some shoes like high heels won’t benefit much from a special insole since the discomfort does not stem from cushioning.

If shoes are the sole reason you feel back pain, the above options are valid options to help you reduce back pain. However, back pain usually does not come from one reason alone, and may be caused by something happening within the spine. For an expert analysis for pain within the spine, contact The Spine Institute where you can meet with a spine specialist in New Jersey.