Best Workouts For Your Back Pain

Though it may sound like a good idea to relax more for your back pain problems, proper exercise does more to alleviate the pain. That being said, it’s important to know what the best exercises are to prevent any increase in your back pain. The following workouts are some of the options for those that may suffer, they increase the strength of your muscles to help decrease the symptoms.

Wall Sits

Wall sits are exactly what they sound like. Stand with your back around 10 to 12 inches away from the wall, and then bend your legs as if you are sitting on an invisible chair. Press your lower back against the wall as you are doing this. Once in position, hold for a count of ten before sliding your way back up. This exercise helps prevent back pain by strengthening the muscles in your legs, giving your body more support and putting less pressure on your lower back. Putting your lower back against the wall means you are not straining the painful area of your body too much, making for a good workout set that operates around your back pain.

Decompression Breathing

Don’t worry, there’s no need for some crazy device pressing against your chest to make this work. Decompression breathing is a good workout around your back pain because its main purpose is to lengthen your spine. Stand up straight, put your heels together, and stretch your arms up high where the fingertips touch at the edge. Once in position, inhale so that your ribcage is raised. When you exhale, your core will be tightened, building a more steady support for your lengthened spine. A longer, more relaxed spinal structure is a good step toward reducing your back pain.

Aerobic Exercise

If you are looking for something a little less passive, and more outdoorsy, aerobic exercises are great choices for a workout when you have back pain. The exercises like walking, biking, and swimming all work to reduce your body weight and strengthen your heart. Less body weight means less pressure for your spine, loosening the sting of your back pain. Make sure to start slow with these exercises and slowly build up over time. Starting too strong may increase your back pain rather lessen it.

While these exercises are good options for working around your back pain, it is important to know what is happening behind the physical symptoms that you can see. Untreated back pain can lead to more health issues, and only an expert can properly evaluate symptoms. At the Spine Institute of Dr. Marc A. Cohen, our experts provide a number of resources to help you discover and attack the root of your pain. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.