Common Symptoms of Chronic Back Pain

Chronic pain is a type of pain that affects around 100 million Americans, but not much is known about it. What is known is that it usually occurs after a past injury or traumatic event, sometimes an infection. After the previous injury, pain signals in the nervous system continue to activate for as long as several years. These constant feelings of pain can eventually damage someone physically or mentally. While it is far less common, some people experience chronic pain without any injury history.

Attempting to ignore chronic pain can have a profound mental toll on an individual. Feelings of stress, anxiety, depression, and anger may start mixing and decrease the number of natural pain killers the body can produce. This decrease leads to a higher risk of taking actions that would increase the intensity of the pain, forming a cycle that is difficult to break. If it lasts long enough, the pain may begin interfering with your immune system.

How do you determine if you have chronic back pain? What are the usual symptoms? Some of the more common red flags are:

  • Pain that can range from mild to severe and doesn’t go away
  • A constant feeling of stiffness, soreness, tightness, and overall discomfort
  • The same pain that doesn’t go away can be felt as aching, shooting, electric, or as if one were burned

Sometimes you can’t identify chronic pain just from feeling the pain itself, but you may be able to identify it from new behavior that can arise:

  • A need for more time to rest
  • Insomnia
  • Overall fatigue
  • Serious negative changes in mood
  • Sudden disability

If you are experiencing back pain that is interfering with your daily tasks, it is important for a medical expert to diagnose the condition. The spine surgeons at the Spine Institute are experts who can help consult you on the best options for relieving your back pain. Contact one of our New Jersey offices today to schedule an appointment.