How to Handle the Emotional Stress of Chronic Back Pain

Experiencing persistent back pain often means you need to stay longer at home to recover or adapt. Recovery is essential, but extended periods of isolation may make you feel as if you are losing touch with family and friends. We understand that the loneliness and emotional stress of back pain can lead to trying times – and may even interfere with healing – so we have 3 tips on how you can respond.

Research Online Forums

Thanks to Web 2.0, the internet has become an excellent resource to help connect people who may not have the option to go outside as often as their peers. In fact, when it comes to illnesses or health conditions, support forums for all kinds of issues are available for free. Internet forums are a channel where you can empathize with others who share similar challenges. These spaces can provide encouragement and helpful advice when times are especially tough.

Look up Local Walking Groups

Most treatments for back pain involve some form of low-impact aerobic fitness. This could be a great way to meet new people who like to exercise. Much like with online forums, you can find a walking group in your area through an internet search. Most of these groups meet at a neighborhood park or city path. When you walk, the light exercise encourages the release of endorphins in your body, which in turn improve the flow of nutrients and oxygen. If you are not used to walking long distances, don’t force yourself to go a longer distance than you should. Building up your energy can take time.

Invite Friends to Your Home

If your back pain is severe enough that you can not leave the home, or if you are still recovering after a back surgery, another option is inviting others. You can host numerous events at home that don’t involve any strong movement like board games, book club, or a dedicated movie night. When inviting a group of friends over, you may want to ask a relative or close friend to help you set up so you don’t overstrain your back.

When feelings of depression or anxiety persist even when you stay in touch with others, it may be best to speak with your physician or consult a therapist about possible depressive symptoms. If you are looking to halt back pain from interfering with your social life, the Spine Institute is a New Jersey spine clinic that can help you find pain relief. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.