How Technology is Changing Spine Surgery

Back pain is a common medical problem. When conservative treatment approaches fail, surgery is often the only option. The current focus on back surgery is less invasive techniques. This results in a faster recovery with less pain while enhancing fusion and preserving spinal motion.

Modern Spinal Surgeries

The latest technologies in back surgery include the following procedures:

  • Artificial Cervical Disc Replacement: This approach will help those with arm and neck pain that has caused significant decline in the quality of life. The main benefit of an artificial cervical disc is the person will retain most range of motion, which is often lost with a traditional fusion procedure.
  • Fusion: While fusion is not a new method, the way it is being done has changed. Additional bone graft options and improvements in implants and cages have resulted in increased fusion rates with fewer postoperative complications and less pain.
  • Sacroiliac Joint Fusion: A minimally invasive version of this surgery has become a more widely adopted option for those with sacroiliac joint dysfunction. The procedure reduces or eliminates pain.
  • Vertebral Augmentation: This is another surgical method that has been around for a while, but it now offers new options such as kyphoplasty and vertebroplasty. It is performed when a person has a fractured vertebra and is a reliable way to relieve the pain associated with the condition.

Technological Limitations

While these new surgical technologies can change the lives of many people, there are limitations to consider:

  • Accurate Diagnosis: The cause of neck and back pain can be difficult to pinpoint. All the technology in the world will not help if the surgery does not correct the actual problem.
  • Choosing the Right Surgeon: Getting a second or even a third opinion will help in the choice of a back surgeon. The doctor should have expertise in the particular back pathology with which the person was diagnosed.

Back problems are often complex, and there are no easy answers. Patients should not rely on technology alone to resolve their pain. The wise approach is using a combination of science and an experienced surgeon to ensure an optimal outcome. Schedule an appointment with a New Jersey pain expert today. The pain experts at Marc Cohen Spine Institute have the experience and resources to identify the pain source and suggest treatment options. Contact us today to