How to Tell if You Need a Back Brace

Many suffering from lower back pain due to injuries or herniated discs have possibly been told to look into getting a back brace. A back brace is a piece of equipment used to limit the movement of the spine after a fracture and can be used to limit the effect of chronic back pain. It’s used to provide support to your lower back and can allow your back to heal more easily. If you’ve been experiencing lower back pain, you might have considered trying out a back brace. Before you invest your time and money into a back brace, you should examine if its really the best solution for you.

Common Signs You Might Need a Back Brace

Lower back pain is a common sign that a back brace may be the best solution for you, but there are other signs to look for:

  • Muscle contractions near your spine (particularly in the lower back)
  • Irregular posture
  • Loss of height (can get up to 6 inches in extreme cases)
  • Numbness in lower back
  • Difficulty lifting, bending, and walking
  • Tingling sensation in lower back
  • Spine curvature
  • Weakness in legs and feet

If you’ve been experiencing these symptoms for an extended period of time, contact your primary physician to ensure that the damage doesn’t worsen.

When Can a Back Brace Help?

A back brace should be used to provide support for your back when needed and isn’t meant to be worn and used constantly. Becoming dependent on a back brace could prove detrimental in the long run. Common cases where a back brace should be used are:

  • When sitting for long periods of time – Wearing your back brace while seated for long hours can help you keep correct posture and lessens the tension in your lower back.
  • When lifting heavy objects – You should wear your back brace if you find yourself frequently lifting heavy objects. A back brace provides much needed support for your lower back. Make sure to bend from your knees and not your back to put most of the strain on your legs.
  • When recovering from an injury – After being injured, you should visit your primary doctor before deciding to use a back brace. If approved by your doctor, a back brace could help your back heal with its added support.

A back brace could be considered a solution for lower back pain by providing support. While a back back brace isn’t necessarily considered a long term solution, Marc Cohen Spine Center specializes in minimally invasive spine solutions and surgery. Contact us to schedule an appointment and see if one of our procedures is right for you.