What to Consider if you are Job Searching with Back Pain

While job searching by itself is already a stressful process, to accept any job available without taking your back pain into consideration can severely harm you in the future. A job that does not account for your back pain can easily worsen your condition, making it more difficult to finish your tasks well – or even show up. There is no such thing as the “perfect” job when it comes to back pain, but it is not impossible to find the career that works best for you. Here is what you should take into consideration.

How Often Will You Move?

Many people think that not moving much will help relieve your lower back pain, but that is often not the case. Long periods of immobility can strain your spine and lead to bad posture habits. This is why more office workers are searching for methods to keep their body in motion while sitting in front of the computer – whether that means experimenting with more ergonomic chairs or switching between a sitting and standing desk. Likewise, it is important you do not strain yourself with too much exercise or sudden, shocking movements. Jobs that require frequent heavy lifting or bending over should not be considered.

What Will Your Commute Be Like?

The effects of a long commute can sneak up on many employees. While a long commute isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it often means you are sitting in a car or a bus for an extended period of time. If you take public transport, it is also likely you will stay in an uncomfortable position due to a lack of space. Much like with a stationary office job, the sedentary nature of a longer drive can cause more strain to the spine. Look for a job that either is not too far from home or can be reached via public transportation so that you can alternate between a seated and standing position.

Can Your Employer Provide Accommodation?

Being open and honest about your lower back pain with your employer is vital early on. Your boss can not know what special considerations you may need – such as breaks to stretch outside, or a desk that is better suited to your needs – until you tell them. If your employer is not willing to hear you out, you may have larger problems than lower back pain at work.

Lower back pain affects 31 million Americans at any given time. If your pain is stopping you from going to work or enjoying life, it may be time to tackle the root of the problem. For back pain relief in New Jersey, contact the Spine Institute for an appointment. Our experts can help find the cause of and treatment for your discomfort.