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Back pain relief is sought after by millions of people living in the United States with a chronic condition. Common remedies include physical therapy, yoga, or a combination of the two with the addition of prescription painkillers to make a dent in the discomfort. While these may work for most people suffering from back pain, chronic sufferers often fail to see results. When the most conventional treatment options fail, it is time to seek something new to ease back pain.

Spine surgery in Mendham, New Jersey is not something anyone gets excited about; however, it is often the final option people suffering from back pain for many years. At the Spine Institute of Dr. Marc A. Cohen, we specialize in today’s latest methods for back pain relief. We are the most trusted spine care facility in New Jersey, and we receive patients from all over the country.

A Background of Dr. Cohen

At the Spine Institute, our founding doctor has a rich history of pursuing knowledge and continuously updating his repertoire with new data and a fresh perspective on spinal surgeries. With a medical degree from The Chicago Medical School, Dr. Cohen has studied abroad and learned how to perform today’s revolutionary surgeries from the actual physicians who developed them. He has performed thousands of spinal surgeries in Mendham, New Jersey throughout his 20+ year career as an orthopedic surgeon.

Dr. Cohen is a board-certified surgeon who is highly respected amongst his peers, often being called a “super-specialist” by other surgeons. He is a fellow at the American College of Surgeons and the American College of Spine Surgery who has performed over 1,000 laser procedures alone. Today, he proudly serves Mendham, New Jersey and surrounding areas throughout the Garden State.

General Services We Offer

At the Spine Institute we provide a variety of cutting-edge techniques to reduce or eliminate discomfort in the spine. The following are a general overview of the most highly sought after surgeries at our clinic.

  • Minimally invasive spine surgeries can include endoscopic and laser techniques. The goal of such surgeries is to reduce the amount of trauma to the muscles and soft tissues that surround the spine. This leads to better cosmetic results as there is less scarring and a quick overall recovery time.
  • Micro spine surgery is another minimally invasive technique that requires a small incision no longer than one and a half inches to allow him to operate on cells, tissues, and other microscopic structures.
  • Laser spine surgery is a minimally invasive procedure that utilizes a laser to fix nerve damage and to avoid damaging sensitive tissues in the process.
  • Conventional open-spine surgery is used as a last resort when all other methods have failed. Certain spine conditions that result from injury require this type of surgery for best results. Dr. Cohen has performed thousands of successful open spine surgeries in his lifetime.

When you need effective relief after conventional methods have failed, it’s time to book an appointment with Dr. Cohen at the Spine Institute. Call 973-538-4444 today.