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20 Cherry Tree Farm Road
Middletown, NJ 07748
Monmouth County

The Spine Institute of Dr. Marc A. Cohen in Middletown, NJ is known as one of the top spine centers in the Garden State and the country. Offering patients a variety of modern solutions to their back and spine ailments, Dr. Marc A. Cohen is a leader in orthopaedic surgery. The Spine Institute offers cutting-edge treatments and techniques throughout its various New Jersey spine clinics, including revolutionary laser spine surgeries. When you make an appointment with Dr. Cohen at The Spine Institute, you can rest easy knowing you are in the best hands for spine and back care.

More About Dr. Cohen

Middletown, New Jersey’s most talented spine surgeon is none other than Dr. Marc A. Cohen. He is one of the top leaders in spine surgeries in the country. Having performed over 1,000 laser spine procedures alone, his experience is unmatched throughout the state of New Jersey, and the United States. Dr. Cohen receives patients from all over the country seeking highly specialized spine care.

Coming to us from Chicago where he received his medical degree from The Chicago Medical School, Dr. Cohen has helped thousands of patients overcome debilitating conditions right here in New Jersey. Our Board Certified spine surgeon in Middletown, New Jersey is recognized by several medical organizations, like the American College of Spine Surgery and the Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons.

Our Services

The Spine Institute of Marc A Cohen, M.D. draws patients suffering from back pain and injuries from all over the country. The surgeries performed at The Spine Institute are designed to relieve back pain and improve quality of life. Some of our procedures include:

  • Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery – As the name suggests, minimally invasive spine surgery is concentrated in a small area, utilizing a series of small incisions to promote a quicker recovery time. Endoscopic visualization is used to provide surgeons with an internal view of the spine.
  • Micro Spine Surgery – Dr. Cohen specializes in various types of micro spine surgery, including cervical microdiscectomy and lumbar disc microsurgery. Micro surgeries are delicate procedures involving cells, tissues, and other microscopic structures. They require incisions of no longer than one and a half inches.
  • Conventional Spine Surgery – Sometimes the best way to alleviate a serious spine condition is through conventional open back surgery. Dr. Cohen has performed thousands of these surgeries with impressive results.
  • Laser Spine Surgery – This method makes use of a laser to fix nerve damage around the spine. This is a high-tech method of surgery that avoids harming vital tissues. Dr. Cohen is a leader in this advanced technique.

If you in your endeavor to avoid surgery have tried all other treatments and failed, you need a professional and experienced back surgeon in Middletown, New Jersey to reevaluate your treatment plan. Contact us at 973-538-4444 to book an appointment with Dr. Cohen. We utilize smarter surgeries to help you put an end to your distress!