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For months you’ve been feeling aching, crippling pain all over your body or in certain regions that make it difficult to perform your daily activities. Your mood is worsened, your spirits dampened, and you have tried seemingly everything you can. What can you do?

If your condition has worsened to the point that you are having trouble sleeping or even going for a walk, rest assured that there is hope at The Spine Institute of Dr. Marc A. Cohen. When physical therapy and pain medications fail to offer lasting relief for your back pain in Summit, New Jersey, there are more involved procedures available for you at our renowned spine center.

Why Choose Spine Surgery?

Unfortunately, surgery is frequently the last choice at your disposal to find relief from debilitating back pain. When you come to The Spine Institute, you can expect a thorough evaluation and a solid plan to guide your recovery. We utilize smarter surgeries to get you better results. Specializing in minimally invasive procedures and conventional open-back surgery, Dr. Cohen is a leader in advanced surgical spine treatments.

Some of the top procedures we offer at The Spine Institute include the following:

  • Minimally invasive spine surgery: Minimally invasive surgeries are the preferred method of treatment. With minimal impact, recovery is quick and easy. Tiny incisions allow surgeons to access the root of the problem without damaging more tissue.
  • Micro spine surgery: Microsurgeries are used when it becomes necessary to remove small pieces of bone that irritate the nerve root. This is done to ease back and leg pain. Incisions are smaller than 1.5 inches.
  • Laser spine surgery: Laser spine surgery is a type of minimally invasive procedure that avoids damaging sensitive tissues that surround the spine. Dr. Cohen has performed over 1,000 such surgeries in his lifetime.
  • Conventional back surgery: Traditional spine surgery remains an alternative when minimally invasive procedures are ineffective. An incision is made along the spine that is 5-6 inches in length to better access the spine.
  • The above procedures are just a glimpse of the modern techniques we implement to help patients recover from chronic conditions. Patients from all over the Garden State and the country do what they can to ensure their symptoms can be evaluated by Dr. Marc Cohen. But just who is he?

    About Dr. Cohen

    Dr. Marc A. Cohen is a highly specialized and well-respected surgeon in the field of orthopedic surgery. For over 20 years he has dedicated his entire career to mastering back surgery and changing how the field of orthopedics approaches these procedures. He has dedicated countless hours of research to discovering surgical procedures that reduce discomfort and provide long-term results to his patients. He has trained with the pioneers of methods such as laser surgery themselves to receive top instruction.

    After receiving his medical degree from The Chicago School of Medicine, Dr. Cohen relocated to New Jersey to begin his practice. Today, he is fellow at both The American College of Surgeons and The American College of Spine Surgery and continues to contribute to the advancement of knowledge in orthopedic surgery. He has performed thousands of successful surgeries in his lifetime, and can do the same for you.

    You don’t have to travel far from Summit to meet with a stellar spine specialist. Book an appointment with Dr. Cohen today at one of our convenient locations throughout the Garden State and get back to feeling like yourself again. Call 973-538-4444 today or fill out this appointment request form.