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Lumbar Endoscopic Decompression (For Spinal Stenosis)

Lumbar endoscopic decompression alleviates the compression of nerve roots in the lumbar spine caused by overgrown soft tissue and vertebral bone that narrow the spinal canal. These issues are usually caused from typical aging. As you get older, your bones start losing mass, dry, and shrink. As a result, “Bone spurs” may start forming, which cause extra stress and inflammation of the muscles and tissue around your spinal column. When your spinal canal is narrowed, pain may start to occur from less nerve signals and blood flowing to important parts of your body. Lumbar endoscopic decompression is a minimally invasive spine surgery that requires a small incision in the lower back area. 

During the procedure, the surgeon inserts a series of dilators through muscle and soft tissue until they reach the affected vertebrae. The dilator, as you may expect from the name, is what helps dilate the muscles. This method of muscle movement replaces the screws and rods of past surgical methods. A working sleeve is then guided over the dilators, which are removed. The surgeon uses an endoscope to direct surgical instruments, including a laser, through the sleeve and perform the decompression—taking out excess bone or tissue from around the nerve roots to relieve pain and pressure. 

Like other minimally invasive spinal surgeries, lumbar endoscopic decompression is usually a faster, and more medically precise procedure than older, more traditional surgical methods. Patients that walk in for lumbar endoscopic decompression surgery tend to be in the hospital for less than an hour, and are usually able to walk out on the same day. After that, disruption of work life and personal life tends to be minimal. Most patients only return to the hospital as requested by the doctor only to see how they are feeling the day after the surgery.

Dr. Marc Cohen specializes in many types of laser spine surgery. His experience, decision making during surgery, and precision is what is required for the best results to soothe your back pain. Considered to be a “superspecialist” in New Jersey, he has finished over 1,000 laser spine surgeries around the nation.

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