Top Negative Consequences of Bad Posture

Bad posture can be a very bad habit, especially for individuals who work at a desk all day or have a job which involves bending over or lifting. Sitting in place for hours at a time can have very bad side effects if you have poor posture. In fact, poor posture is quickly becoming one of the key contributors to back and neck pain. However, it’s effects extend far beyond just back pain.

Difficulty Breathing

For the lungs to function at their best, they need enough room to fully expand. This is not a problem if you practice good posture because the diaphragm and rib cage are aligned properly. However, when you slouch, this restricts your lung’s ability to expand and can even restrict blood and oxygen flow.

Shoulder, Back, & Neck Pain

Pain in your back, shoulders, and neck is very common in individuals with bad posture. Slouching increases the pressure on your spinal vertebrae and can cause muscle tension. The lower back is the most common pain area reported after a few hours of sitting at a desk and slouching.

Spine Misalignment

Over a long enough time, poor posture can end up causing your spine to become misaligned. This can further increase the stress which your vertebrae are subjected to when you slouch and result in more severe pain. Herniated discs are another possibility, a herniated disc happens when the inner portion of a spinal disc pushes out through the outer portion. Herniated discs occur most frequently in the lumbar region and can be correlated with bad posture.

Tips for Posture Improvement

  • If your slouching is occurring as a result of sitting at a desk all day, consider purchasing an ergonomic desk chair, keyboard, and mouse.
  • Take frequent breaks. If possible, it’s best to get up, walk around, and have a stretch every half hour or so.
  • Get some exercise during your lunch break. This could include anything from going outside for a walk to a quick trip to the gym.

Pay attention to how you sit. If you find yourself slouching, remind yourself to sit up straight.

If you are suffering from pain caused by a spinal misalignment or a herniated disc, contact the Spine Institute right away to make an appointment with an experienced spine doctor.