Nutrition Tips to Consider After Back Surgery

After you leave the hospital for your back surgery your body will be in a sensitive state. While minimally invasive techniques have made it so that the recovery period for these procedures are shorter, it’s still important to exercise proper eating and sleeping habits to prevent any complications. Here we’ll focus specifically on what you should be aiming for with your meals, so you can get the best results out of your back surgery.

Healthy Whole Foods and Vitamins

Your body will have an easier time healing if you get rid of junk food from your diet and stick to eating healthy meals. Of course it’s ok to make an exception now and again by snacking on foods you like, such as ice cream or dark chocolate. Some treats in moderation can improve your mood, and a good mood goes a long way in recovery. Otherwise, focus on fruits and veggies, as well as calcium rich foods to help promote bone growth for your spine. Your surgeon can also advise you on which vitamins can be best for your particular recovery case.

High Fiber Foods

Some patients may experience post-surgery constipation, which is due to a mixture of stress, inactivity, anesthesia, and use of pain medications. High fiber foods can help in preventing this from happening, in order to make your back surgery recovery easier. Some examples of high fiber foods are raspberries, broccoli, oatmeal, corn, baked potatoes, apples, and prunes.

Convenient Food

Sometimes, the exhaustion you may feel after a back surgery can make it difficult to prepare a proper meal. Before you have your surgery, try to have a game plan for arranging grocery runs – or having groceries delivered to you, so you won’t have to move around as much to get food. As for cooking, there are healthy frozen meal options out there that follow the guidelines mentioned above (high fiber, rich in vitamins). There’s no shame in throwing something in the microwave for dinner, your recovery period should be as relaxing as possible.

Food is just one of many factors that can affect your recovery period after a back surgery. If you’re looking into a procedure for your back pain and are trying to plan for the time afterward, you need the consulting of surgical experts who have years of experience with patient recovery. Contact us at the Spine Institute today to learn what the best procedure for you back pain can be, and how to best plan for it.