Pain Prevention Tips While Shopping

Like other activities of daily living, shopping for groceries can be challenging when you have chronic back pain. Going to the grocery store involves a range of activities that can aggravate your back pain, including driving, walking, and lifting.

If you can’t avoid a big trip to the store, try these tips to alleviate your back pain while you stock your pantry.

Finding Alternatives for Activities that Aggravate Back Pain

Go to the store when it’s not usually busy, such as first thing in the morning during the week or on Friday or Saturday night. Avoid Sundays, which tend to be busy. When the store is less crowded, you’ll have shorter lines and less traffic to contend with.

Many grocery stores offer motorized scooters that customers can use to get around. If you don’t see one, ask at the customer service desk. This can be very helpful if walking around the store causes back pain.

Find a grocery store in your area that offers delivery service. Many local stores now allow you to order online and either have your groceries deliver them or pick them up at the store. If your neighborhood grocer doesn’t provide this option, check online stores like Amazon Fresh and Instacart.

Ask for help when you are unable to reach items that are too high or too low. Grocery store staff will also help you bag your groceries and load them into your car. When you get home, arrange for a family member or friend to help you bring your purchases inside and put them away. Arrange your kitchen so that everything you need is within easy reach.

Good Posture Matters When You Have Back Pain

Good posture is everything when it comes to back pain. When you’re shopping or walking about, you may be hunching over and not even realize. Be mindful of the way you position your spine when you stand. Standing up straight prevents you from straining your spine, preventing more back pain.

It might seem like a no-brainer, especially when shopping, but you should be wearing appropriate footwear. Wear comfortable walking shoes with proper arches and padding. Avoid shoes that hurt your feet. Shoes without the correct shape can irritate a sensitive back.

If you have back pain that keeps you from completing everyday activities such as grocery shopping, talk with a doctor. The experts at the Marc Cohen Spine Institute can diagnose the cause of your back pain and find you the best treatment options. Contact us today at (973) 538-4444 and let us increase your mobility and improve your quality of life.