Posture Bras and How They Can Relieve Back Pain

It’s no secret that women with a bigger chest typically experience back pain as a result of the extra weight. Don’t underestimate the discomfort that comes with big breasts. Having larger breasts often affects posture and can even cause a distressing curvature of the spine. Luckily, there’s a lot of solutions to help with back pain caused by a big bust.

One way for women to avoid discomfort is by choosing a supportive bra, known as a posture bra. This garment is designed to hold breasts in place, even during vigorous physical activity, while simultaneously facilitating good posture. This bra prevents muscle tension from building up in the back, neck, and shoulders.

How Does a Posture Bra Work?

Characterized by a full, supportive band around the chest, this type of bra also has racerback straps with a front closure and two separate cups.

These features shift the weight of the breasts to the bra rather than putting it on the back, neck, and spine. Posture bras allow women to stand up straighter and eliminate the posture problems that come with back pain. Also check out these everyday tips for improving your posture.

Who Can Benefit From a Posture Bra?

Though women with large breasts should wear a posture bra to prevent back pain, they aren’t the only group that can benefit. This garment is also useful for those who have poor posture or chronic back pain, who sit or stand for long periods of time at work, and who regularly engage in physical activity.

How Should a Posture Bra Fit?

To benefit from a posture bra, it’s essential to find one that fits correctly. The breasts should be covered entirely by the cups of the bra and the triangle of supportive material that connects the cups. When the bra is on correctly, the breasts should be situated halfway between the shoulders and elbows.

Support should come from the bra itself rather than from the straps. The breasts should move only minimally when walking, jumping, or running. For more strenuous exercise still requires a sturdy sports bra.

You should feel comfortable in the bra. Look for a model with soft, breathable fabric that doesn’t irritate the skin and is free of pinching, pulling wires. Most women find that the best support comes from a model with four hooks, though some prefer a three-hook band instead.

It’s important to try out a few different bras to find the best one. However, a good posture bra can make all the difference with alleviating back pain. Try out these yoga poses for better posture, which can also help relieve back pain for women with bigger chests.

If you still suffer from severe back pain, you may need to seek professional treatment. At the Marc Cohen Spine Institute, our goal is to find the root of your pain so we can help you develop a pain management strategy that will improve your quality of life. Call 973-607-2038 or click here to contact us.