Setting the Right Recovery Goals After Back Surgery

You have just experienced a successful surgery and it is now time to get on the road to recovery. The recovery is the most important aspect of the post-surgical process. During this time you should be resting your body while slowly getting back to your normal self. This recovery period happens both in the hospital and at home and it most necessary to improve muscle strength. This may take some time, so it is important that you have a positive outlook and set realistic recovery goals.

Don’t Overwork the Body

This may be the first time that you’ve ever experienced a procedure that has limited your mobility. You may not be used to having a restricted range of motion which forces you to move cautiously. While this may all be foreign, you should make sure not to overwork the body. Failing to take the necessary precautions during the recovery process can lead to permanent ailments which may require further medical procedures.

As your muscles strengthen, you will begin to regain energy, and it performing certain movements will become easier. This should give you the confidence to persevere and the knowledge to stick to your recovery plan as it is designed for gradual improvements.

Your Recovery is Different

Do not compare your recovery to someone else’s. Your body is unique and the way it recovers is unique as well. Don’t allow yourself to measure your progress alongside others in order to determine the effectiveness of your recovery. There are many specifics that can alter one recovery period to another including: age, weight, type of surgery, and the severity of the injury which lead to your surgery. The only milestones that you should be reaching for are the ones outlined specifically for you.

Mental/Emotional Recovery

While the process is progressive it can become frustrating. Some people experience feelings of depression and indifference due to their limited mobility and unusuality of the circumstance. These feelings are normal, but it is important that you do not allow them to hinder your recovery. Training to regain muscle strength is just as much of an emotional experience as it is physical. Stick to your specific recovery goals and revel in the achievement of accomplishing them

Setting the right recovery goals is important for a successful recovery period. Marc Cohen and the spine experts at the Spine Institute have experience helping the people of the New Jersey area alleviate their back pain through patient-specific methods. Contact the Spine Institute at one of our many locations to schedule your appointment today.