How Long is the Recovery Period After Back Surgery?

You’re considering taking the steps necessary for a back surgery. Unfortunately, the world will still be spinning once the surgery is over, and you will still have responsibilities like bills, work, and everyday chores to finish. It is best to prepare for the recovery period after surgery now, as doing so will help improve your transition back into everyday life. Expect for the recovery period to be around three to four months, and that’s at least for your bones to heal well. What can you do to make sure the healing process is going smoothly?

Sleep Well

Sleep is one of your body’s best methods of healing itself. Getting consistent, healthy stretches of sleep will help speed up the healing process. When it comes to what position you should be sleeping in, it is usually fine to sleep in whatever position you feel comfortable. Some recovering patients like to put a pillow under their lower back as a method of reducing stress on their recovering back after surgery. If you want to go the extra mile, try keeping yourself face up when sleeping, and have some pillows supporting your upper body to keep it raised. Both of these methods will relieve stress on the part of your body that is healing.

Ease the Pain with Temperature Packets

This will primarily be for the first couple of days out of back surgery. Icing the areas that have been worked on after long stretches of walking or stretching will help manage the tension and pain in your back. Later on in the recovery process, getting a heat packet and applying it to other parts of your body that are not your back can help relieve pain much like ice can, though in this case it would do so by increasing the circulation of your blood.

Stay Active

This one might sound strange, as most would believe that stressing out your body through exercise would do more harm than good. Of course, it’s important that you follow the orders your physician gives you when it comes to being active during your recovery period after back surgery, but that doesn’t mean you should be completely inactive. Simple exercises like safe stretches and regular movement will not only improve blood flow, it will also help keep you in a better mood. A positive outlook does wonders for the recovery process.

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