Recovery Periods for Different Types of Spine Surgeries

It is important to plan ahead when you are scheduled for spine surgery. Although minimally invasive spine surgery is usually an outpatient procedure – most people can leave the clinic the same day of the surgery – there is still a recovery period. How long this recovery period lasts depends on the spine surgery. We have compiled the recommended recovery time for some of the most common minimally invasive spine surgeries, as well as what you can do to facilitate the healing process.

Discectomy and Foraminotomy

In a discectomy, herniated discs are treated to reduce pressure on surrounding nerves. In a foraminotomy, a spinal passageway is broadened to help make room for a nerve root. These two procedures are relatively different from each other, but they do have the common factor of typically being the spine surgeries with the fastest recovery period.

Whatever numbness and general pain remains after the surgery often alleviates after a few weeks. During this time, patients can perform a majority of their routine, but should avoid lifting heavy objects, participating in high intensity exercise, and excessively twisting motions.

Laminectomy and Spinal Fusion

A laminectomy can be thought of as a more thorough version of foraminotomy. During this procedure, the surgeon creates space between the back part of your vertebrae and your spinal canal. This helps relieve pressure on your spine which may have been causing you lower back pain.

There are many different types of spinal fusions, but the general method shared between them is the fusing of two or more vertebrae together to help stabilize your spine. These two procedures often have recovery periods that average between four to six months to completely heal.

Patients who undergo these spine surgeries must be cautious about how they move their bodies and should take care not to overwork their backs. While many people do not immediately make the association, a healthy diet and consistent sleep schedule can go far in facilitating recovery.

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