Dynamic Posterior Stabilization Fusion (X-Stop)

Sometimes, when other minimally invasive techniques are not seeing the desired results, it may be necessary for patients experiencing back pain to receive a spinal implant. While most people will experience some form of back pain as they get older, patients with more intense forms of degenerative disc disease (pain symptoms coming from a degenerated disc in the spine) or spondylolistheses (where the vertebra in the spine slip too far and start putting pressure on nerves) can benefit from Dynamic Posterior Stabilization Fusion. In dynamic posterior stabilization fusion, an internal brace is implanted to allow controlled movement of the damaged area of the spine. The X-Stop® is a titanium implant designed to fit safely behind the spinal cord, between the spinous processes (or bones) of the vertebrae in the lower back.

In the past, spinal implants were used to maintain stability of the spine, but patients found that their motion was far more limited and rigid than before the surgery. Titanium implants such as the X-Stop® are designed with components such as flexible rods, flexible screws, and moving parts, in order to allow patients more control over their motions so that they can move more naturally after the dynamic posterior stabilization fusion.

Dynamic posterior stabilization fusion is performed under general anesthesia through a small incision. The procedure requires no removal of soft tissue or bone and, because it does not attach the implant to bone, it can be reversed to allow future nonsurgical and surgical treatment options.

Doctor Marc Cohen is widely renowned for his expertise in spinal procedures. As a world class spinal surgeon, he understands that all options should be considered before turning to methods such as conventional spinal surgery or spinal implants. If you are experiencing back pain that is interrupting your daily tasks, it’s important to address it sooner rather than later. While some back pain can get better and improve over time, too much pressure or unnecessary stress can also make the condition worse. You need a spinal surgeon that understands your needs and can help consult you on your options such as dynamic posterior stabilization fusion. Contact us at the Spine Institute in New Jersey today to schedule an appointment, and take the first steps to ease your back pain.