Micro spine surgery is a highly delicate procedure that entails the use of a specially designed microscope, along with miniature precision needles and scalpels, to treat conditions like spinal canal stenosis and herniated disc. Usually, the symptoms of these conditions are indicated either by a patient suffering pain in the leg for six weeks, or by not experiencing any relief from more conservative treatments such as physical therapy or oral steroids. This minimally invasive procedure, which requires a small incision no larger than one and a half inches, enables surgeons to operate on cells, tissues and other tiny body structures that are nearly invisible to the human eye. There are several types of micro spine surgery, though it is most commonly referred to as micro discectomy, it is also broken down more specifically to laminectomy, cervical micro discectomy, and lumbar disc microsurgery.

Before micro spine surgery, more localized and smaller sources of pain had to be treated through more traditional, invasive surgical methods. This meant moving and risking injury to muscles that had no relation to the core cause of pain, and long postoperative stays in the hospital that could last longer than a week. With micro spine surgery, there is no traumatic cutting of muscles, ligaments and joints, and no removal or fusion of bone. Typically, the surgery is done in order to give a damaged nerve room to heal by relieving a neural impingement. The incision is small enough to close with a bandage, allowing patients to return to their normal routine sooner than with conventional spine surgery. After the surgery is done, Micro spine procedures are performed on an outpatient basis under local or brief general anesthesia. During the recovery period for micro spine surgery, patients are recommended to follow an exercise program of stretching and aerobic exercising.

If you are in the New Jersey area and believe your pain can be treated through micro spine surgery, contact us at the Spine Institute to learn how we can consult and streamline you through the process. Dr. Cohen is a recognized expert in micro spine surgery and specializes in laminectomy, cervical micro discectomy and lumbar disc microsurgery.