Lumbar Disc Microsurgery

Lumbar Disc Microsurgery is highly effective in eradicating leg pain stemming from compression of nerve roots in the spine. Sometimes, a common injury to the spinal cord is for the substances in one of the intervertebral discs (best described as a type of jelly) to leak out of the disc, which causes a bulge. The bulge can then put stress on the surrounding nerve roots, which is where that compression comes from.

It may help to determine if a herniated disc is the cause of your pain by looking for symptoms such as feeling intense pain after standing or sitting, feeling pain that is isolated to one side of your body, or unusual weakness in your muscles. While the leg pain caused by a herniated disc can get better without treatment within six to twelve weeks, if the pain does not get alleviated, then lumbar disc microsurgery can be a good option to help alleviate the pressure.

The lumbar disc microsurgery procedure is performed through a small incision in the lower back that allows the surgeon to insert microsurgical instruments to move the pinched nerve roots away from the herniated disc, and then remove the affected portion of the disc. The instruments used allow the surgeon to view where the pain is coming from and to remove that source of pain without disrupting surrounding muscle tissue or nerves. Compared to previous, older surgical methods, lumbar disc microsurgery allows the source of pain to be relieved without risking a change in the patient’s spinal structure. With lumbar disc microsurgery, healthy disc material is left behind and spinal nerves return to their normal position.

After a lumbar disc microsurgery, most patients will be able to leave the hospital the day it is performed. While few may stay in the hospital overnight, most can return to their daily activities quickly compared to other types of surgeries. Of course, during the recovery process, it is important for the patient to follow physician’s orders and be aware of not putting unnecessary stress or pressure on their spine, so as to prevent a repeat case of a herniated disc. Doctor Marc Cohen is a recognized expert in the field of micro spine surgery. He and his team are well equipped to properly consult anyone who may need to undergo a spinal surgery procedure in the New Jersey area.