Dr. Cohen provides patients with the most enhanced, tailored surgical spine care including innovative minimally invasive techniques.

These advances of minimally invasive spine surgery allow surgeons to bypass traditional open procedures that can pose high risk of complications, such as pulling a muscle hard enough that it damages the soft tissue, which can not only negatively affect the immediate area but also the surrounding parts of your body. Minimally invasive methods are able to treat spinal injuries and disorders locally, with smaller incisions and fewer tools. They are performed with endoscopic visualization, which involves the insertion of a very small camera that provides an internal view of the spine. Laser spine surgery, spinal fusion and endoscopic discectomy are among the many different types of minimally invasive spine surgery.

While minimally invasive spine surgery may not be appropriate for all spinal conditions—it has proven to be a highly effective, much more precise alternative to traditional procedures for degenerative disc disease, repair of herniated disc and correction of spinal deformities like scoliosis—it usually offers many advantages to the patient.

Depending on what condition the minimally invasive spine surgery is treating, some patients will be walking out of the hospital the same day they come in. If not that, other patients will be leaving within two to three days, where before the wait would take up to seven days. Also, since the surgery is minimal, there is a lower degree of scarring and cutting, as well as reduced chance of muscle damage. With the cutting edge technology involved, this procedure is generally of a lower cost than older, more traditional surgeries, and allows clients to walk away with less postoperative pain.

The amount of medical cases where minimally invasive spine surgery is applicable are continuing to grow. Still, it is best to consult with a local spine specialist to see if this method is the correct treatment for your condition. Having studied with the pioneers of minimally invasive spinal procedures, Dr. Cohen continues his education in the field to this day and draws on his vast knowledge and experience to provide patients with the most enhanced, tailored surgical spine care.