The Right Spine Specialist for You

When you are trying to address lower back pain, sometimes the hardest part is finding the right spine specialist. Although the medical field is rooted in biological fact, each physician has his opinion about the best way to help you. When searching for an expert to address your back pain, aim to keep things simple with the following steps.

Your Primary Physician

Although your primary care physician most likely does not have a focus in spine health, you should still mention instances of back pain. The doctor may be able to determine whether the discomfort is coming from your spine or somewhere else. Many doctors can diagnose common spine conditions like herniated discs. Since a regular physician may know your past medical history, access to previous records can provide a better framing of what might be causing pain.

An Integrated Spine Center

An integrated spine center is a facility that focuses on diagnosing and treating back pain through a specialized approach. Integrative medicine focuses on the whole person rather than just one part. This means that the staff is made up of physicians, nurses, and specialists who focus on the spine but also work to understand the surrounding body’s relationship with it. A diverse medical team can help you save time by pooling all the top resources in back pain and spine care into one place.

Preparing For a Consultation

Finding the right treatment for your lower back pain is a coordinated effort between you and the doctor. Preparing for your visit can help streamline the process. Be ready to give thorough, in-depth information about how the pain feels, when it appears, and how it affects you. Most specialists want to know as much as possible about your pain to make an accurate diagnosis. If you believe your doctor is not showing much interest or is not asking many questions about your pain, you can always ask for a second opinion from a different medical expert in the same field.

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