Top 4 Back Pain Myths

There is a lot of information out there about back and neck pain. However, a vast majority of it is inaccurate. It is important to clarify misconceptions to ensure that you can become aware of how to accurately treat your chronic back pain.

Myth: Resting is the Best Way to Relieve My Back Pain

Fact: Resting for a short amount of time can benefit your neck or back pain. However, experts recommend that you do not rest longer than two days. If you do so, you may worsen your pain.

Resting for extended periods of time can also weaken your muscles. This can be a difficult cycle to break. Being in pain can make you want to rest more, but resting more can ultimately be counterintuitive. This is a prime reason doctors often recommend exercise and physical therapy as a part of rehabilitation programs.

Myth: It is Easy to Injure Your Spine

Fact: The muscles and tendons that support your skin are strong. However, many activities can cause you to seriously injure your spine. This includes improper lifting and poor posture. A lack of sleep, poor nutrition, and smoking can also damage your spine.

Myth: The Doctor Found Nothing Wrong so the Pain is in my Head

Fact: Pain is always an indication that something is wrong. Even if the physician is unable to diagnose your pain, it is still a cause for concern. You have to be proactive about chronic pain that lasts more than three months. You should address psychological problems as well. It helps to research non-surgical options that can help treat your back pain.

Myth: I Will Have Neck or Back Pain Because My Parents Did

Fact: Genetics does not play a role in most neck or back conditions. This means that you will not necessarily have back issues simply because your family members did. However, poor lifestyle choices that contribute to back pain are often passed down from generation to generation.

Do not worry about being genetically-predisposed to back pain. One of the key ways to avoid neck or back pain is to have good posture. You should also be sure to have accurate information regarding your health.

With back pain myths exposed, you can make the proper decisions moving forward regarding treatment. If you currently suffer from chronic back pain, it is vital that you have it assessed by a professional. The spine experts at Marc Cohen Spine Institute can outline an appropriate plan of action according to your particular conditions. Contact us today to schedule an appointment at one of our many New Jersey locations.